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Dr. Debora Jackson Endowment for BiPOC Students

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Endowment Description

The WPI Alumni of Color Association (ACA) established the Dr. Debora Jackson Endowment for BIPOC Students in the honor of Reverend Dr. Debora Jackson, Dean of WPI Business School, an educator, preacher, leader, and author who continues to move the needle for the advancement of people of color (POC) and women all throughout WPI and the Worcester community. In order to help develop a more wholesome and equitable environment for all students on the WPI campus, it is vital for our university and community to intentionally pave the way for our future leaders of color. For this reason, the WPI ACA was founded with the goal of creating an organization committed to providing continuous support for WPI students and graduates of color. Through advocacy, professional development, and philanthropy, the WPI ACA aims to uphold WPI's commitment to creating institutional advancements in the realm of racial justice and equity.

Who are the donations for?

The WPI ACA, in partnership with WPI, has created an endowment in order to serve WPI BIPOC students. Your gift will directly fund student tuition packages to support the growth of WPI’s BIPOC population. We are excited to be partnering with WPI in order to create transformational change in the realm of diversity on campus. The WPI ACA and future WPI students appreciate your support!

Thanks for your support

The WPI Alumni of Color Association (ACA) wants to thank you directly for your support and acknowledgment that our WPI community has to intentionally pave the way for more students of color in order to live in a more wholesome and equitable environment for all. It all starts with one donation, so thank you.

Why are donations necessary?

WPI is a nonprofit institution that relies on donations from generous alumni and friends to provide for our student’s education. As alumni, we have all benefited from the generosity of others, and now it is time to start giving back and take part in the tradition. Your impact will help boost the financial support for future WPI students of color and further the DEI initiatives already underway.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!