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Electric Guitar Innovation Lab

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The Electric Guitar Innovation Lab (EGIL) explores opportunities for research, innovation, and education related to the electric guitar, and the various components associated with the electric guitar including instrument design and modification, amplifiers, pickups, effects processors, and more.

Donations are applied to...

In addition to our own research trajectory, we work with students, musicians, and companies to develop prototypes, explore proof-of-concept ideas, and much more! Funding supports the efforts of the EGIL, including collaborations with other WPI faculty and staff, as well as bringing in external professional musicians and innovators from the musical instruments industry.

We routinely reverse-engineer, 3D model, 3D scan, program and adapt existing parts and tools, and then create tool-pathing operations, fabricate parts, and perform real-world and software-based simulations.

Message from Prof. Manzo

Through the Electric Guitar Innovation Lab, WPI students and faculty work together in a variety of interdisciplinary and open-ended projects to develop new innovations. Your gift will support this work.

Thank you!

Why are donations necessary?

The EGIL consists of students, faculty, staff at WPI as well as professionals from industry working together to address innovative approaches to musicianship. EGIL is part of the research efforts of V.J. Manzo, Associate Professor of Music at WPI and Principal Investigator (PI). All funding supports the research efforts of the EGIL.

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