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We are ecstatic to work with the Senior Gift Committee to ensure that the class of 2022 comes together and leaves a lasting impact on future generations. As WPI continues to develop and expand, we want to ensure that incoming students have ample opportunities to learn and succeed within our community and beyond. We have a diverse committee and are excited to work with them all! – Eliza Smith ’22 and Tyreese James ’22

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For our Senior Class Gift, our class chose to fundraise for a hammocking space near the new academic building. This initiative will promote a positive campus atmosphere as well as provide a space for students to spend time outside in fresh air and meet with others outside of an academic setting. COVID showed us the importance of gathering outside for our mental and physical well-being. This gift will allow future classes the ability to do just that.

If we as a class can raise $15,000 from 50% of the class, we’ll receive a $20,000 match towards the class project! This is thanks to the Priem Trustee Challenge, which was created in 2002 to inspire senior class giving and participation, making this the 20th anniversary! We currently have 10% class participation.

Our committee’s goal is to have all students in our class support WPI through our class gift. If you would like to support a different program, you can do so through one of our other fundraisers, including Giving Day and Goat Nation Giving Challenge. Your donation, to any designation, will count in our total class participation, help us reach our goals, and help to unlock the Priem Trustee Challenge Funds. If you have any questions about how to support a different initiative, please contact Liz Chirico, ejchirico@wpi.edu.

Let’s show our appreciation for the institution that has given us so much.

Donations are applied to...

The Class of 2022 hammocking space near the new academic building. The donations will go towards the purchase and maintenance of the hammocks and the space for future WPI students to enjoy!

Suggested donation amounts:
$5 - Help leave a legacy!
$25 - Donor pin
$50 - Invite to a special event with President Leshin
$100 - President's Circle Giving Society Membership

Why are donations necessary?

WPI is a nonprofit institution that relies on donations from generous alumni and friends to provide our education. As students, we have all benefited from the generosity of others, and now is the time to start giving back. Students at WPI have been leaving their legacy through a Senior Class Gift for more than 100 years. Now it’s our turn to take part in that tradition! Your support with help the Class of 2022 leave a legacy at WPI with a hammocking space for students.